Why Us?

Who Are We?

CPD Assurance is a UKRLP registered Accreditation Company created by a team of leading industry experts with a passion for raising the bar for standards in the industry.

Why become an Accredited centre?
If you are looking to gain valid recognition for your courses then accreditation ensures you are recognised and providing a high level of education and course content, in turn providing your learner with the assurance that your course is industry recognised and insurance approved.

The CPD Assurance Accreditation Mark
When you display the CPD Assurance accreditation mark on your certificates, website, social media and advertising, you are demonstrating to your learners that your courses have been evaluated for competence, high quality standards and services by meeting our accreditation framework requirements. The CPD Assurance Accreditation mark is internationally recognised as a symbol that your courses meet the highest standards of your industry.

Once you are a CPD Assurance accredited centre, your courses will be accepted by leading insurance companies and enable you to certify your learners so they can get an industry recognised certificate and easily get their insurance to provide the services.